Our team

At the beginning, Love like we do was just one person’s idea.

But thanks to the courage and dedication of a whole team, working for it in Israel and Spain with a lot of love and commitment, it has become a project.

We are:

Teresa Muñoz Sebastián. Writer and translator. I am the fortunate one who conceived Love like we do and got all these beautiful people embarked on the adventure. I am also the main author of what is told on this blog.

Eva Acrich (De-Mayo). Musician, singer, choir conductor, and voice and music healer. The project was born, matured and keeps growing in her precious house: she feels, understands and facilitates everything.

Yael Lev. Documentary film maker, social and community activist. With her particular view on things, her lucidity and her camera, she helps us record every sign of love.

Naomi Mordekovitz. Mother, reiki teacher and specialist in parental guidance. She is our voice and our heart in Hebrew, without her the exchange would never be as rich.

Almudena Tapia Porras. Painter and photographer, as well as nurse. In a constant dialogue between continents, her visionary ability and endless creativity inspire us and are a lighthouse for us in stormy days.

Fernando Calvo González-Regueral. Economist and writer. Facilitator in the creation of the organisational structure of projects that fly high. Inspired by his know-how and enthusiasm, Love like we do is gaining altitude again in 2018.

Pilar Lara Cuenca. Graphic designer, illustrator, entrepreneur and university teacher. We owe to her the beautiful design of our Love like we do logo.

Santiago Muñoz Sebastián. Designer and specialist in marketing and social media. He is our great support in all that concerns blogging and communication.

Jorge Ruiz Tesorero. Post producer specialised in advertising, television, and drama and comedy series. Thanks to him, the voices of our interviewees reach us clearer and stronger.

Who will be the next to join in?